Security Policy

“Security is not an option, it’s a critical aspect to address."

— Robert Rayatt, CTO

The infrastructure of the highest quality & highly secured

We exclusively use third-party suppliers with a track record of reliability and security, such as Amazon Web Services, to host our infrastructure.

You may learn more about our sub-processors here.

Access to data is restricted- we assure it!

To generate documents, docotive needs access to your data. Access to your board data, on the other hand, is transient and lasts no longer than the few seconds required to generate your desired professional documents. This data is deleted from our systems immediately upon document generation.

However, we do collect and store certain information on your account, its users, and your behavior. This data is critical in assisting us in providing dependable service and in improving our docotive.

Obtain a copy of our Data Processing Agreement.

Complete discretion – 100% privacy assured!

We do not utilize your data for any purpose other than document generation. We do not sell your information to other parties. We restrict access to your data to our sub-processors to the extent necessary for document generation.

Read ourt Privacy Policy.

To obtain an additional explanation, please contact us at

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