Placeholders plays important role by acting as a medium to fetch data from monday board and display it on the user generated template. You can find list of all the placeholders i.e. common, user and single item in docotive’s Settings. Simply copy the placeholder and use it where ever you want in your template.

Lets see how to use Placeholders in Word Template

Add Placeholders
  • Step 1: Goto ‘Document Placeholders’ in docotive’s view on board
  • Step 2: Copy your required placeholders by clicking copy icon next to placeholder entity
  • Step 3: Open your microsoft word template
  • Step 4: Paste it in the Microsoft word template
  • Step 5: Save the template

Here in this example - They are inserted as <<entity.Agent Name>> Here Agent Name is the column name in the table. You copy it from Placeholder's tab and paste into word template. It will insert the value from table to Microsoft word template.

Once you are done pasting all the required placeholders in your template. Now it’s time to Upload your template in docotive View to generate documents. Click to learn how to Upload template.

Upload Template

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