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docotive offers the flexibility to create and design Word templates according to your requirements. The fundamental requirement for generating documents is to possess an expertly designed Word template. In cases where a template is absent, there's no need for concern as docotive's Template Builder is at your service to fulfill this role. Let's now explore the very easy methods of craeting or customizing templates.

Create template from scratch. Designing your own unique Word template becomes a simple task through the docotive's Template Builder. docotive will make it data-driven. Introducing your brand logo and establishing headers and footers within your unique Word template is a straightforward process. Let's dive into the process of designing one.

Create template from scratch with few easy steps

"If you don’t have docotive installed please click here to install it."
Step 1. Select Template builder
  • a : Click on “Template Builder“
Step 2. Add Header
  • a : Select Template type
  • b : Click on header section to enable for editing
  • c : You can add text and images and can give styles to it
  • d : Click “Save Changes”
Step 4. Add Body
Add Placeholders in the template.

As you go on typing text in the body on the way you can add placeholders. it’s very easy.

  • a : Just write your text in the body as per your requirement
  • b : Design template body by adding images, table and text foramt
  • c : Select the item(“Main Table”) from the dropdown in the placeholders and “Insert” it where ever you want it to appear in the body of the template.
Step 5. Save Template

You can save template on your desktop and directly into your docotive view.

  • a : Clicking “Save Template” will save the template in docotive’s Template Builder
  • b : Clicking“Template List” will show all the templates created by you
  • c : You can edit created templates that are saved in the "Template List" and can use them as per your need
  • d :Clicking “Use Template” you will be allow you to download template on your computer and it will also save it on docotive view to generate documents

Next step :: Add integration recipe to automate generating documents

Add Integration Recipe

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