Customize Email

docotive comes with amazing feature where you can design a custom email. You can add subject, your own body and your own signatures.


Let's see how to share documents from customize email

Step 1. Custom Email ID and Email Template
  • a : Goto docotive view - Settings - Select “Email Settings” from left menu
  • b : Enable option “Use Custom Email ID”
  • c : Enter your Email ID that you want to use to send files, documents etc as attachment. Click "Verify" button next to it.
  • d : Goto your email account and verify Email ID by clicking link at the bottom
  • e : Goto back to docotive view's "Email Settings" option and click "Check Status" button. Now Custom email ID is all set and verified
  • f : Enable “Use Custom Email Template”
Step 2. docotive's Email Integration recipe
  • a : Goto “Main Table” and create a button
  • b : Click on “Integrate” on top right and search for docotive’s integration recipes.
  • c : Select “docotive Email – Integration” and select the recipe as per requirement. In this case I have selected on click of button.
  • d : Customize Button column name if you want to name it differently. In this case i have named it as "Send Email"

Note: “Generate documents” button in the “Main Table” has integration recipe to it. Click here to see the integration recipe on the button


You are ready with your own email id and your own message in the email to share your generated documents or your own files as attachment.

You can also send additional images / documents along with generated documents. ☺ ☺

Send additional documents

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