Google Drive Integration

docotive comes with native drive integration. You don’t need any third party tool. It allows you to define the way for sharing/delivering generated documents from docotive to google drive.


Before integrating google drive, you must have follwing things ready.

  • 1 : You must have your template ready. If you dont have one click here to get template.
  • 2 : You must have docotive view installed. If you havnt installed yet dont worry. Click here to install it.
  • 3 : Upload your designed Word template in the docotive view. If you dont know where and how to upload template than dont worry Click here to upload it.
  • 4 : To generate item wise document you must have added docotive integration receipes. If you havnt added yet dont worry. Click here to install it

Let's see how to share on google drive

Step 1. Goto Google drive settings
  • a : Click the “Settings” tab from top menu in your docotive view
  • b : Select “Google Dive” from the left menu options
  • c : Enable "Upload documents to Google Drive Folder"
  • Enabling this option will save the generated document in the google drive. All you need is your google drive folder ID
Step 2. docotive's integration
  • a : Open your email account and select Drive option and create a folder in Google Drive
  • b : Goto docotive's view - Settings - Google Drive and enable “Upload documents to Google Drive Folder” if you havnt enabled it yet.
  • c : Copy “”
  • d : Go to Google Drive's created folder and right click on it and select “Share”
  • e : Paste "" to share it with docotive
  • f : Open Google Drive folder to go into it. Copy the ID from the address (navigation) bar at the top
  • g : Go to docotive view - Settings - select Google Drive and paste ID in the text box of Google drive option OR You can also store Google Drive Folder ID in the 'Main Table' and can fetch it by selecting the column name from the drop down
  • h : Click “Save settings”
  • i : Goto “Main Table” and click Generate documents button. It will generate and share the generated document with the google drive

Note: “Generate documents” button in the “Main Table” has integration recipe to it. Click here to see the integration recipe on the button

You can also send additional images / documents along with generated documents. ☺ ☺

Send additional documents

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